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Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth is a freelance non-fiction author of Almost Unloved, her true story. She was first acknowledged in 1982 in the Book of Poetry and has written extensively on social and political issues. She confronts many controversial issues, encompassing concerns important to women and the impact of various child-rearing philosophies.

Raised in R.I., she dropped out of the 10th grade, got her GED when her daughter was 5, and went into the AF at age 21.

While in the AF, she earned two associate degrees, one in Arts and another in science (metals Technology). She earned her Social Work degree with a minor in Psychology post-military. 

After her almost 15 years in the Air Force as an Aircraft inspector, she eventually made her way to Virginia, where she has lived for 30 years.

As a social worker, she has worked hard to bring attention to preventing abuse toward women and children. She hopes her education, life experiences, traumas, and family dynamics may help others in similar circumstances.

Elizabeth raised two children and has six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She loves photography, the beach, oldies music, and acrylic painting.

She especially enjoys traveling because she’s always considered herself a lone wanderer and loves all the nature around her.

She’s writing a Bio-Fiction on her family from 1880 through the time of Al Capone in Chicago.