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This book is for those who need to find the courage to rise above their circumstances and find power in their strength and faith in God. I hope to help others move beyond abuse and learn from their experiences to strive for a better life. Those persons who have gone through similar hardships, such as children, adults, new mothers, and physically and emotionally abused women and men.
About Author

Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth is a freelance non-fiction author and photographer. First acknowledged in 1982, she has had award-winning poems published in nationally recognized anthologies and has written extensively on national, social, and political issues.

Elizabeth confronts many controversial issues, encompassing concerns important to women and the impact of various child-rearing philosophies on juveniles facing certain incarceration. She has always strived to be a vital part of the solution to many of society’s problems.

Upcoming Books

Almost Unloved

Almost Unloved is the story of a child born out of wedlock in 1956, hidden from all her relatives and given to people who were neglectful alcoholics. Her mother chose to abandon her in San Diego with an aunt to save the two children she loved and went back to Chicago. She had no idea her choice would cause so much damage; it would take a lifetime to overcome.

Something was off; Elizabeth never fit in. They told her she was adopted, but they lied. She was raised by their name, but it wasn’t hers. When she reached out to her birth mother, she was turned away once again.

Who is she, and what is her identity? Now that she has no tethers to them, she spreads her wings and is hurt, used, and abused by those who prey on the weak and naive.

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